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The Study of Concert Saxophone
Frederick Hemke

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The course of study for the student of saxophone at Northwestern University divides into the following classifications:

A. Interpretive and Technical Materials
      1. Etude and method books
      2. Memorized scales and arpeggios
      3. Special techniques

B. Repertoire
      1. Concerti
      2. Sonatas
          a. Transcribed early sonatas
          b. Original sonatas
      3. Solo literature
          a. Saxophone with piano
          b. Unaccompanied
      4. Chamber Ensemble
          a. Saxophone with other instruments
          b. Saxophone quartet

The saxophone student must complete the listed methods during each school year. Students are also required to satisfactorily present the required scale and arpeggio materials.

Ten compositions are to be chosen from each repertoire list and developed to a performance level. Deviations from this list may be requested and are subject to consent by the instructor. Participation in a saxophone quartet of with other instruments in the performance of chamber music is especially stressed and will be demanded of students who have attained an acceptable performance level.

Accepted majors in tenor or baritone saxophone are expected to complete all required methods. Repertoire will be chosen from appropriate alto saxophone literature, unaccompanied works, chamber music, and other transcribed and original compositions.

All compositions written for saxophone and piano must be performed in the studio with piano. Completion of any composition will occur when the work has been mastered and one movement or a major section of a work has been performed in the studio from memory and with piano, where applicable.

Freshman Year--Three Quarters


18 Studies after Berbiguier -- M. Mule Leduc
Exercises Transcendants -- M. Perrin Leduc
Selected Studies -- H. Voxman Rubank
24 Easy Atonal Etudes – G. Lacour Billaudot
48 Etudes after Ferling -- M. Mule Leduc
Neuf Etudes Transcendantes -- N. Samyn Billaudot


Aeolian Song -- W. Benson MCA
Three Romances -- R. Schumann-Hemke Southern
Tango et Tarentelle -- M. Dautremer Leduc
Chanson et Passepied -- J. Rueff Leduc
Canzonetta -- G.Pierne-Mule Leduc
Introduction et Danse -- H.Tomasi Leduc
Sonatine Sportive -- A. Tcherepnin Leduc
Sicilienne -- P.Lantier Leduc
Improvisation I,II,III -- R. Noda Leduc
Choral Vari� -- V. D’Indy Durand
Sonata #4 -- J.S. Bach-Mule Leduc
Three Short Pieces -- R. Myers Artisan
Sarabande and Gigue -- F. Tull Boosey
Suite -- P. Bonneau Leduc
An Abstract -- D.Ward Southern
Sonata No. 6 (flute sonata) -- Bach-Mule Leduc
Sonata -- R. Snyder Tenuto
Sonata -- P. Creston Shawnee
Sonata-- P. Hindemith Schott
Piece Concertante -- H. Reutter Schott
Concertino -- E. Bozza Leduc
Concerto in E Flat -- A. Glazounov Leduc
Concerto -- P. Vellones Lemoine
Sophomore Year--Three Quarters


53 Etudes Book I -- M. Mule Leduc
20 Etudes after Sivori, Rode, Fiorillo, Capelle Leduc
30 Exercises after Sousman -- M. Mule Leduc
Etudes Journaliers -- Terschak-Mule Leduc

Cadenza -- L. Robert Editions Francaises
Divertimento -- R. Boutry Leduc
Fantaisie -- J. Demersseman Billaudot
Music for Alto Saxophone -- M.W. Karlins Southern
Sonata No.1 (flute sonata) -- Handel-Mule Leduc
Rhapsodie Brettone -- R. Barbier Leduc
Improvisation et Caprice -- E. Bozza Leduc
Quinze Etudes -- C. Koechlin Editions Francaises
Ballade -- H. Tomasi Leduc
Quattro Liriche Brevi -- J. Orrtego-Salas Peer
Parable -- V.Persichetti Elkan-Vogel
Picnic on the Marne -- N. Rorem Boosey & Hawkes
Rhapsodie pour Saxophone-- C. Debussy Durand
Two Memorials – M.A. Turnage Schott
Sonatine -- C. Pascal Durand
Sonata -- J. Absil Lemoine
Sonata -- P.M. Dubois Leduc
Seven Epigrams -- R. Snyder Southern
Concerto -- H. Badings Donemus
Concerto -- W. Hartley Presser
Junior Year--Three Quarters


Etudes Varies -- M. Mule Leduc
53 Etudes Book II -- M. Mule Leduc
20 Etudes after Sivori, Rode, Fiorillo, Capelle, Book II -- M. Mule Leduc
6 Etudes -- A. Massis Leduc
28 Etudes-modes de Messiaen -- G.Lacour Billaudot

Duo -- W. Hartley Tenuto
Duo Concertante -- L. Bassett Peters
Tableaux de Provence -- P. Maurice Lemoine
Fantasia -- H. Villa-Lobos Southern N.Y.
Response -- E. Diemente Seesaw
Sarabande (Soprano) – M.A. Turnage Schott
Divertissement -- P.M. Dubois Leduc
Air and Scherzo -- H. Cowell Associated
Brillance -- I. Gotkovsky Billaudot
Mai -- R. Noda Leduc
Phoenix -- R.Noda Leduc
Legende -- F. Schmitt Durand
Neuf Etudes -- C. Lauba Leduc
Scaramouche -- D. Milhaud Durand
Piece Concertante -- G. Lacour Billaudot
Sonata – R.R. Bennett Chester Novello
Sonata -- D.Diamond Southern
Sonata -- B. Heiden Schott
Sonata -- S. Karg-Elert Zimmerman
Sonata -- R. Muczynski Schirmer
Sonate -- J. Rueff Leduc
Hot Sonate -- E. Schulhoff Schott
Concerto One -- B. Beerman ACA
Concerto -- H. Tomasi Leduc
Concerto-- P. Bonneau Leduc
Concerto -- P. Creston G. Schirmer
Concertino -- W. Benson M.C.A.
Concerto -- P.M. Dubois Leduc
Senior Year--Three Quarters


12 Etudes-Caprices -- E. Bozza Leduc
Etudes Expressives -- A. Ameller Peters
53 Etudes, Book III -- M. Mule Leduc

Ballade -- F. Martin Universal
Two Elegies Framing a Shout – M.A. Turnage Schott
Impromptu -- M.W. Karlins Southern
Homage a Sax -- R. Bernier Leduc
Caprice en Forme de Valse -- P. Bonneau Leduc
Dialogue -- K. Korte Galaxy
In Freundschaft -- K. Stockhausen Universal
Seven Pieces for Saxophone and Organ -- A. Stout Southern
Hard Fairy – G.Fitken
Variations -- R. Snyder Leduc
Gavambodi II -- J. Charpentier Leduc
Prelude Cadence et Finale-- A. Desenclos Leduc
Divertimento -- C.Wuorinen Peters
Variations Path�tiques -- I. Gotkovsky Billaudot
Elegie et Rondeau -- K. Husa Leduc
Holy Roller -- L. Larsen Oxford
Music for Saxophone -- L. Bassett Peters
Renewing the Myth -- M.Shrude ACA
Musique de Concert -- M. Constant Leduc
Fuzzy Bird Sonata -- T. Yoshimatsu Billaudot
San Antonio-- J. Harbison Associated Music Pub.
Sonata-- J. DiPasquale (tenor) Southern
Sonata-- J. Franco Composers Facsimile Ed.
Concerto -- J. Feld Etoile
Concerto -- I. Gotkovsky Leduc
Concerto -- R. Challan Leduc
Concerto-- P.M. Dubois Leduc
Concerto for Trumpet and Saxophone -- J. Rivier Pierre Noel
Concertino da Camera -- J. Ibert Leduc

(Advanced seniors may select material from the Graduate Listing.)

Graduate Study*


8 Etudes Brillantes-- G. Lacour Leduc
53 Etudes Book II-- M. Mule Leduc
6 Etudes-- A. Massis Leduc
Exercises Journaliers-- Terschak-Mule Leduc
Traits Difficiles Books I, II, III Leduc
28 etudes sur les Modes d' Olivier Messiaen-- G. Lacour Billaudot

True Confessions – C. Stolte Southern
Canzona da Sonare -- T. Mason Southern
Distances Within Me-- J. Lennon Dorn
Music for Tenor Saxophone -- M.W. Karlins Southern
Sonata -- W. Albright Peters
Sonata -- E. Denisov Leduc
Sonata- - D. Maslanka NASA
Lilith -- W. Bolcom E.B. Marks
Wings -- J.Tower Associated
Sequenza VIIb-- L. Berio Universal
Sequenza IXb-- L. Berio Universal
She Sings She Screams -- M. Engebretson Manuscript
Steady Study on the Boogie -- C. Lauba Billaudot
Hard -- C. Lauba Billaudot
Gate (Soprano) – G. Fritkin
Concertino -- G. Raphael Breitkopf & Hartel
Concerto -- H. Brandt Carl Fischer
Concerto-- I. Dahl M. C. A.
Concerto -- R.L. Finney Peters
Concerto -- P. Hasquenoph Presser
Concerto -- K. Husa Associated
Concerto -- E. V. Koch Eriks Musikhandel Forlag
Concerto -- L. E. Larsson Gerhmans
Concerto -- J. Rueff Leduc
Concerto-- M. Torke Boosey & Hawkes
* Entering Graduate students who did not major in saxophone as an undergraduate at Northwestern University are advised that a performing knowledge of representative undergraduate repertoire is necessary before beginning the graduate level repertoire. Graduate students who have accomplished the repertoire in the Graduate Study listing may select unperformed material from the undergraduate lists or prepare newly composed/published repertoire with Professor’s approval.